Monday, September 21, 2009

In the Beginning...

My passion for photography started when I moved to Japan in the year 2000. I was removed of my comfort zone, life style, friends, familiar language, childhood ground. The culture shock of actually living in Japan hit me hard. In my grief, I realized that there weren't very many pictures of my friends to put up somewhere. I can't say that there was a moment where I decided to document every event through the eye of a lens, but I do know that something was stirred inside of me and the longing for photography was birthed. Many of these following pictures were taken in Japan except for a couple. Since the year 2000, my skill has definitely improved a lot. But I treasure these photos since they mark the beginning of this journey for me. They are shot with simple point and shoot cameras (which were huge back then) and aren't edited (because I didn't know how or that I could/should!). =) Enjoy...

Digital: Funabashi Keisei Line Train Station - sometime at night...

Digital: It took talen to hold my violin and take a picture with a heavy camera at the same time...

Film: one of my favorite pictures of all time...

Digital: this rose was perfect

Digital: Grand Piano in our church sanctuary

Digital: Hawaii: After a couple days of heavy rain, this little guy sprung up! (Old Stadium Park)

Film: on a day I went out on my bicycle in search of things to photograph.

Digital: An acquaintance at the airport to see our mutual friend off

Film: A path in Japan that I rode on a lot... and my bicycle.

Digital: my love for Gerber Daisies is forever!

Digital: my first wedding shoot...

Digital: Okinawa. This picture captured peace that my family needed at the time.

Digital: Once again, Gerber Daisies.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Touching Toes!

Here is my most photographed subject as of 4 months ago.. my beautiful baby girl, Grace. On September 1st, she found her feet and toes all by herself! We did a little photoshoot tonight in honor of this milestone. Can you tell I'm a first-time Mommy? =) Project

I've been a long-time fan of and just recently re-visited the site after a long time. Here's my photo submission for the Quick Snap Project.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

K & M Engagement [8.15.09]

I had the privilege of taking engagement photos for my dear friend and "sister" Mana and her wonderful fiancee Kingsley. We went to Magic Island and shot a bunch of photos. They're both photogenic and it was easy to get a lot of great pictures! I'm looking forward so much to their wedding in January... my hubby gets to perform the ceremony for them! =) Here are some of my favorites from the day..